Versuri Anal Cunt - Extreme Noise Terror Is Afraid Of Us

Album: Anal Cunt - It Just Get Worse

Theres 3 of us, theres 6 of you
Well still beat the s**t out of you
Your band sucks, your band is gay
You kicked us off the tour, 'cause we blow you away

ENT are scared of us
ENT are scared of us
Theyre f*****g gay
ENT are scared of us

First you ripped off Discharge, then Napalm Death
Youre gay homosexual faggots, plus youre f*****g gay
Were faster than you, were heavier than you
Were better than you, and Dean has a dumb haircut

ENT are scared of us
ENT are scared
Theyre all a bunch of faggots
And theyre f*****g gay

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