Versuri Anal Cunt - Yay! It's Pink!

Album: Anal Cunt - Fucking A

[Written by: Seth Putnam]

My wife brought home this groupie slut one night
She was pretty hot, a sexy, slutty sight
We wanted a threesome with this stupid c**t
My wife licked my a*s while the groupie sucked my front

“YAY! It's pink!” when she saw my cock
“YAY! It's pink!” she was used to niggers' cocks
“YAY! It's pink!” a stupid little c**t
“YAY! It's pink!” ...and she was born in the f*****g 90's

A rockstar groupie blowing me in my bed
She screamed, “Anal c**t!” so I kicked her in the head
When she started to cry I slammed my fist in her a*s
I was turned on by her tears so I came really fast


Gave most to my wife then gave the dumb slut a taste
But she was so annoying so I punched her in face
Looking pretty hot covered in with blood and my cum
Only 17, and so f*****g dumb


The very next day we wanted her gone
She thought that we liked her; she was totally wrong
Her n****r came to get her so she started to pout
I yelled “Get your s**t, and get the f**k OUT!”


[Backing Vocals Performed by: Julie Jett Putnam]

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