Versuri Anal Cunt - You're Best Friend Is You

Album: Anal Cunt - I Like It When You Die

no one cares what you say,no one gives a s**t about norway
no one can stand the way you talk,except your girlfriend,the greasy wop

[1st chorus:]
everyone mistakes you for a jew
your best friend is you [x2]

you have hook nose like a f*****g jew
your best friend is you [x2]

no one cares about what you wrote,you're nothing but a spic,a 5 foot joke
every show you book is a f*****g flop,you're a f*****g midget and your broad's a wop

[2nd chorus:]
no one cares what your last show drew
your best friend is you [x2]

you're about as tall as tattoo
your best friend is you [x2]

your favorite letter's f
flunk-you flunked out of school
flop-every show that you do
fail-every class that you take
friends-not one you can make

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