Versuri Anal Cunt - You're Dumb

Album: Anal Cunt - 40 More Reasons To Hate Us

youu've got a new t pass, just for retards
you've got sagging breasts that are very large
all over your wrinkled body, you've got lots of pimples
and you've got a greasy hair coming out of your nipple

hey, you're dumb [x3]

you live with your parents, and your 31
you pay no rent, because you're a bum
you never clean your house, because you're depressed
and you've still got a g*****n hairy breast

hey, you're dumb [x3]

you're going to san fransisco because you're gay
your boyfriend must be really desperate to get laid
we'll always make fun of you, we'll never rest
and you still got a g*****n hairy breast