Anathema au lansat clipul piesei "Can`t let go"

de Elena Paraschiv

Anathema au lansat clipul piesei

Anathema a revenit cu un nou clip, de data aceasta pentru "Can`t let go".

Piesa este extrasa de pe cel mai recent album al brutanicilor, "The Optimist", lansat in acest an, pe 9 iunie.

“This video is a scene in The Optimist's story – his vain attempt to outrun his imminent collapse, haunted by the ghosts of his past. It was shot as an immersive experience in 360 degrees by our friend Omeed Izadyar. The location follows the story northwards from 32.63n 117.14w through Los Angeles, San Francisco and into Oregon.", a declarat Danny Cavanaugh despre noul videoclip.

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