La o discutie cu Daniel Cavanagh inainte de concertul Anathema

de Cristi Nedelcu

La o discutie cu Daniel Cavanagh inainte de concertul Anathema

Inainte de concertul Anathema de la Arenele Romane, am reusit sa schimbam cateva vorbe cu Daniel Cavanagh iar ce a iesit gasiti mai jos.

1. Hello from Romania and! How are you? How is the tour going so far?

Tour is going well, good, is easier for me to deal with than I whought it would be. It's a good team and a good crew. It's quite pleasent to travel on a tour bus this way and do a concert to a good crowd and drive to the next's quite good, really nice.

2. How does it feel to come back to Bucharest with Anathema after such a long time?

Our last time may have been 2010 if I'm not mistaken I think we went on tew We're Here Because We're Here tour, I think because it was about that time, if not later maybe because it took us like two days to drive there and we did get there on time

3. Will it be a musical journey or will you focus more on 'The Optimist'?

It would be a musical journey that focus on "The Optimist"

4. Talking about 'The Optimist', where did you draw your inspiration from?

The inspiration came from inside, from images, from movies, or a scene from a movie, or an image from a movie, themes of escape...the theme of the album is Escape so... also inspiration from soundtracks, such as Mr. Robot and Love on a Real Train by Tangerine Dream was a big inspiration. Also some post rock stuff like Sigur Ros.

5. Now, getting back to the concert, why did you choose Alcest as an opening band?

Because the last five minutes of their set list is the gratest moment in the entire scene, post metal scene that we are dealing with in Europe and the last 5 minutes of the Alcest show is better than any band out there in metal, in terms of beauty, open-mindedness, sadness, it's just wonderful, it's the best thing in the entire scene.

6. Do you still have time to discover new bands? If so, what can you recommend us?

Yes, The 1975 also Bruno Mars, 24K Magic and let us say the Midnight Special soundtrack that takes Shelter soundtrack and Mr. Robot soundtrack, the three I would recommend. Also Hans Zimmern material especially the stuff since, I would say Interstellar and Inception.

7. Do you have time to deal with other musical projects as well , or Anathema is the only thing that matters for you?

I acually made a solo album, called Monochrome which is out already and that's been recieved really well. That's a nice thing to focus on. Anneke Van Giersbergen joined me as a vocalist and I played all the instruments and wrote the songs and it turned out to be good and I'm happy with it.

8. A final thought for your Romanian fans and our readers?

I'm looking forward to them and their loud and rapturous applauds and hope it goes very, very well. Thank you, bye!

Asadar, nu uitati ca pe 24 Octombrie ne intalnim cu Anathema si cu Alcest la Arenele Romane din Bucuresti.

Biletele se gasesc in format electronic pe si in reteaua fizica : Magazinele Flanco, Metrou Unirii 1 langa casa de bilete Metrorex, Magazinul Muzica, Magazinele IQ BOX - Telekom, Cafe Deko, Club Vintage, Club Quantic, Expirat Halele Carol (in intervalul orar: 18:00-22:00), Hard Rock Cafe, Beraria H, Agentiile Perfect Tour, Magazinele Uman si pe terminalele self-service ZebraPay din toata tara.

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