Versuri Anathema - Looking Outside Inside

Album: Anathema - A Fine Day to Exit

Is this the one who thought it was insane
Coming down against it all

Didn't want it
Didn't need it
Didn't want it

Twisted face of fading beauty
Count the cost of suffering
Cannot see the day before you
Only feel what's deep inside
Try to change it makes no difference

Didn't want it
Didn't need it
Didn't want it

Let me go

Looking outside inside, craving for something
Hoping for anything, I'll believe in anything
Who has eyes that see, who wants to believe?
In something, in anything, in one thing, in freedom

Looking outside inside

Self-assist pandemonium, broken promises
Tired of life, flying high, you caught me in your eye
Disintegrated, incinerated
This is not now I want to be
Too much is coming through, someone please tell me what to do

Looking outside inside


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