A Day Late Acoustic Chords - Anberlin

                   Bsus4             C#m7                   A2
So let me get this straight, you say now you loved me all along
                Bsus4      C#m7                         A2
what made you hesitate, to tell me with words what you really feel

Pick this for next two lines
D:-3---6----2----------|   X2

I can see it in your eyes you mean all of what you say

I remember so long ago see I felt that same way

Bsus4            C#m7                A2
Now we both have seperate lives and lovers, (and lovers)
Bsus4         C#m7        A2
Insignificantly enough we both have significant others
Bsus4 x3 A2(let ring)            Bsus4 x3 A2
         Time will turn and tell,         time will turn and tell

Bsus4 E                      Bsus4
      We are who we will win could have been lovers
      but at least your still my day late friend,
      C#m7  Bsus4 C#m7  Bsus4        E
      We are who, we are who we will win
      who knew what we know now, could have been more
      but at least your still my day late friend
      C#m7  Bsus4 C#m7  Bsus4
      we are who, we are who we will win

C#m7                         Bsus4               guitar part after each A
Well thoughts may change and times they rearrange   e:-------------------|
                     A2                             B:454----------------|
I don't know who you are anymore                    G:---646-------------|
C#m7                  Bsus4                         D:-------------------|
Loves come and go but this I know I'm not who       A:-------------------|
    A2                                              E:-------------------|
you recall anymore
C#m7        Bsus4                         A2
But I must confess your so musch more than I

C#m7          Bsus4                     A2
Cant help but entertain these thoughts, thoughts

of us together

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