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Tara: Norvegia Trupe similare: Darkthrone Old Man's Child Dimmu Borgir Stil: raw black metal/melodic black metal Componenta: Aphazel - chitara/voce/bas/tobe/clape Dihorz - bas Jesus Christ! - electronic keyboards/chitara/bas/pian Discografie: Svartalvheim (1994) The Canian Chronicle (1996) Mad Grandiose Bloodfriends (1997) The Halls of Eternity (1999) Proxima Centaury (2001) Night Visit (2004) ANCIENT ...Biografie Ancient

The Call Of The Absu Deep Tab

Cry Of Marianne Tab

Ved Trolltjern Tab

Vampirize Natasha Tab

Um Sonho Psychodelico Tab

The Cainian Chronicle Part Ii Liliths Embrace Tab

Prophecy Of Gehenna Tab

Mad Drandiose Bloodfiends Tab

Homage To Pan Tab

Hecate My Love And Lust Tab

God Loves The Dead Tab

Canto Iii Tab

Night Visit Tab

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