Versuri Ancient - Night Of The Stygian Souls

Album: Ancient - Night Visit

Arcane yet so divine
Enthroned by stygian souls

The realm of burning darkness
Is now coming down!

Red storms of the blackest hell
Then a freezing starlit sky was seen

Hail! the blackest one!
Hail! and endure (his reign)
Hail! the fiery one!
Hail! the true king

The sky was set ablaze
As he revealed his wrath
The world was scorched by raining fire!

And the crimson sunset was seen
Like a sinking diamond into the bottomless sea
Never to return but to remain
A distant memory of an ancient time

The deity arose and cast a spell
The known universe was swallowed
He froze the sands of time
The world like a little ball
In his infinite halls, his timeless halls...!

Hail! the highest one!
Hail! and avail (his will)
Hail! the flaming force!
Hail! the final king

Feared, yet adored
Enslaved an entire race

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