Versuri Angellis - I still love you to death

Bury your nightmares beneath my feet
 I'll fight your demons
 I'll wake them weep

 oh how I wish you could feel it
 oh how i wish you'd believe it

 I still love you to death 
 Cant bare to see you cry
 Always walk in the moonlight
 never under the sunshine
 Drowning every breath
 But I just cant die
 still love you to death
 I've seen the demons
 burning your eyes
 Antagonised by soul parasites
 I still love you
 I cant bare to see you cry
You've gone from my life,

but in my heart you remain

Thoughts of you stay with me

til death kills my pain

You still stalk my dreams,

in the dead of the night

I still see your face

til the morning light

I f

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