Annihilator vor adopta o noua reteta pentru viitorul album

de Andreea Gherfi

Annihilator vor adopta o noua reteta pentru viitorul album

Annihilator sunt pregatiti sa adopte o noua tactica pentru viitorul lor album si nu vorbim despre colectia "Triple Threat" pe care urmeaza sa o lanseze in ianuarie. Membrii formatiei vor intra in curand in studio si vor lucra la un material nou-nout, detasandu-se complet de tot ce au compus pana acum.

Jeff Waters a oferit mai multe detalii despre noul album Annihilator intr-un interviu acordat celor de la Metal Wani.

"Whereas on my Suicide Society record I just did, you could have a heavy song, but then you hit the chorus and you go 'Woah, that's pretty mainstream stuff in the choruses.' And the other thing was, since I'm such a fan of so many bands, I let myself go a little bit on the last album with being too blatantly obvious with my influences and my musical loves as a fan. So, you really heard a song that had a lot of the Master Of Puppets era of music from Metallica, and you really heard a Megadeth-y song on there, and you really heard in my vocals some Hetfield and Mustaine-isms. And I think that was great, as a fan, to get it out, but I think I need to do more of my own thing on the next record"

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