Versuri Annihilator - Loving The Sinner

Album: Annihilator - Criteria For A Black Widow

Abuse me, confuse me
I'm beggin for a kind of release
Adultery and the misery
They're not the kind of things you can police
Sinking to an all-time low
I'm drowning with a smack in the face
A torture with a slow decay
The devil's wearing leather and lace
Why did all the lovin turn to anger
How did everything just fade away
Get off of your a*s
It's time to get some fuckin class
Well everybody f***s up
But enough's enough
Depression, the obsession
I'm trying not to get out of bed
Bullet proof, the invincible
Can someone tell me whether I'm dead
I'm like a zombie, like a vegetable
Just withering away in the ground
I took a deep screw from a thin wrench
Pain queen you look good in your crown
Charging, like a battering ram
Nobody's ever gettin in my way
I'll do you like a beast from hell
And then we'll see what you say
Well you can rip me, you can tear me
So go ahead and say what you must
Cause you're a liar, you're a bad child
Farewell and you can live in my dust

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