Versuri Annotations Of An Autopsy - Catastrophic Hybridization

Album: Annotations Of An Autopsy - The Reign of Darkness

A catstrophic series of events.
Leading to the demise of civilisation.
days upon this earth are numbered
as the warmachine begins to churn.
For the
foolish this is prophetic revelation,
for the intelligent this is
Excistance is a burdon I am too tired to carry.
This was not our
As the final hours tick down, the rules of modern man
disapear as
crime now is the law of the land, devolution.


Military forces, fall
under the power of their masses.
Crushed and killed by hybrid armys.
have we become, slaves.
We have become slaves.

The joining of two races.

Catstrophic Hybridization.
The end of civilisation.

The sun has fallen, raise your hands to the sky and watch
them burn.
There is no god watching over us.

Total contamination, leading
to eradication.
We must prepare for what is to come and accept our end.

will rise as the earth falls,
I will always stand my grand.
We will fight for
what is ours,
until the day we die.

The cause has been before our eyes for
But we are too blind to see.
The merging of our leaders and alien
the absolute end of all we known.

They have achieved their
Total devistation and enslavement of the human race.

Our leaders have
betrayed mankind,
modifying our DNA to suit their needs.
An acient race of a
higher evolution.
Controlling us for years by misinformation,

Is this the end of time or just the rebirth of the world.
dont have a say, its in their hands now.

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