Versuri Annotations Of An Autopsy - Fisted To The Point Of Regurgitation

Album: Annotations Of An Autopsy - Before The Throne Of Infection

They call me a creeping oozing son of a b***h
Because the smell of infection gets me stiff
I pound down on visions of perfection
Using my fists just to get my erection
They think it's gonna stop but its only getting worse
As she starts to choke upon her bile
Just a few more times my darling, your throat's about to split
From all the built-up bile that is now filling it
That's right, just let it out
The bile burns your mouth
The stomach acid corrodes your teeth, there is no doubt
Jeez, I love that smell, so I rejoice in it
Watching the blood drip from her a*s is a sight not to be missed
I fist them til they're sick

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