Versuri Annotations Of An Autopsy - Years Of Disgust

Album: Annotations Of An Autopsy - Before The Throne Of Infection

My knife is deep inside your f*****g uterus
Shut your f*****g mouth as I'm thrusting
My knife inside your sexual organs
You should never be allowed to reproduce
I'll make it my priority to wipe you out
You f*****g plague on humanity
I'll watch your body twitch and squirm
Carve your c**t like a 6ft ditch
I only called you over so I could commit murder
And rid this world of one f****d-up c**t
You're the queen of filth and hypocrisy
Spinning your web of lies and hate
You don't deserve life, you f*****g disgust me
Your soul is dead
And burning, you'll bleed for me
For years and years you've sickened me
Left a path of destruction in your wake
You're the queen of filth, spreading hypocrisy
Your soul is dead
For years and years I have lived
In your filth
Your soul is dead
Sew my cock in your c**t
So we're eternally f*****g

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