Versuri Anorexia Nervosa - Sequence 1 - Spiritu Fornicationis / Action 1 - Distressing Amnios

Album: Anorexia Nervosa - Exile

Fruit of a consumed paralysis & Amok monkey who's brandishing a knife,
pretends to kill to be absolute burned in the open
A soul thief, a determined subtleties - eater.

A dispossessed human machine suffering from withdrawal symptoms built in the most perfect opposition with the surrounding swamp
To flee.

The glaciation...
A vertigo to forget a little where we have fallen -
A violent display of himself -
This dream of a hand that can stop and any minute now a dream as we hope for it:
simple but full of subdivisions
To know... and yet nothing else is possible except what we have to think...
I wish the one would come,
the one who will find the world that can't brush against any lips...
Any minutes now, I will fall in an indissoluble doubt...
Everything will be beyond me
To flee?

From this informal toeing & froing there's no conclusion & no pneumatic wisdom...
How long will it still last?

Every day,
I get up & invited in front of the mirror...
While having an earnest desire to do it
Who could give it a name?...
All that an earnest desire to do it
who could give it a name?...
All that is ridiculous,
I was there just now without knowing what to do
This is there books which drawing me my birth place
How long will it still last?...
I close my eyes...
The rustle of the leaves is outside.

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