Versuri Anti-Flag - 11. Free Nation?

Album: Anti-Flag - A New Kind of Army

State officials talk of freedom   THEY-TALK
In this country that we live in    THEY-TALK
Free to be harassed and be beaten by the pigs  YOUR RIGHTS-NO RIGHTS
Till your f*****g broken, crippled, or until you're f*****g dead

They pass laws unfair to gays     THEIR-WORK
And separatist laws to keep the non-whites in their place   THEIR-WORK
Family values as a smoke screen blowing in your face   THEIR TRUTH-NO TRUTH
Family values isn't something that shouldn't be based on hate

Justice presides over them, late into the night
A blind fold covering their eyes but something isn't right...
Under their arms there are shackles on her legs
And the hands that once held up her scales are bound, are bound in chains

And behind their closed doors they conspire through the night   MORE WORK-SICK
And they won't stop until this nation is all straight and all white

They call it a free nation, but all it is, is a nazi nation

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