Versuri Anti-Flag - I'm Having A Good Day

watching tv talk shows is a lot of fun i like it when they alwasy have on people who are shooting guns inbred couples from west virginia inbred people, who want to kill you! i saw a story about a man who was f*****g his daughter, and his wife was f*****g her mother it was the kind of thing that'd make you want to shoot up! yes tonight's gonna be a really good time i'm gonna go out and get real f*****g high i'll shoot some guns, i'll drive around in my car, you know i'll probably end up at the f*****g bar and while i'm there i'm gonna, get real high, i'm gonna kick some a*s, i'm gonna f**k s**t up!!! i'll kick you in your f*****g teeth if you get in my way..because i'm having a good day!!! i'm having a good day i'm just having a good day and i don't want you there! no, you'll be at hime watching your tv set you've got your hand holding your f*****g dick, and you're cumming in your f*****g mouth..ok

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