Weight Of The World Chords - Antimatter

"The Weight of the World" from the album Planetary Confinement

Tuning: EADGBe (w/ CAPO on 2nd fret)

Chords used:
   Em9     Cmb5      D     Bm+2
Listen for changes in finger-picking and strumming patterns
I tend to mute the open G string while strumming.

The Weight of the World

Intro: Em9, Cmb5 (X4)

(Em9, Cmb5)
Save me, Cause I'm in a sea of beings,
and theres no deny - the waves are holding me under 

I'm drowning in a thousand faces,
alien expressions over(Em9) and (Em9)over again

(Cmb5, Em9)
I'm trying to scream but I can't exhale
The world seems to spin as I'm left on this square
 with no will to hold on ...
Am I the (Cmb5)only one (D)crushed by the weight of the world?

(Em9, Cmb5)
Save me...

(Bm+2)I think I've (Cmb5)swallowed (D)more than I (Bm+2)can comprehend, a soul(Cmb5) (Bm+2)laid (D)low

(Cmb5, Em9)
A soul has lost its faith again, Wide awake in this hole
A maggot on a plate again, wide awake in this hole
A soul has lost its faith ...

(Cmb5, D)
I've lost myself too long
Am I the only one crushed by the weight of the (Em9)world? 

Cmb5, Em9, Cmb5, Em9, Cmb5, Em9, Cmb5


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