Mick Moss explica de ce muzica Antimatter este ca o terapie (Interviu)

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Mick Moss explica de ce muzica Antimatter este ca o terapie (Interviu)

Infiintata in 1997 de catre Duncan Patterson (fost membru Anathema), Antimatter se intoarce la Bucuresti pentru un show unde veti putea asculta piesele care i-au facut celebri. Alaturi de solistul Mick Moss, britanicii au lansat 5 albume de studio, doua live si doua compliatii, cel mai recent album Fear of a Unique Identity, in 2012.

Cel mai recent album al trupei se prezinta mult mai coerent, energic, mixand diferitele stiluri prin care au trecut Antimatter, cu puternice accente de New Wave. "The Judas Table" Tour trece si prin Romania pentru a promova albumul "The Judas Table". Acesta a primit nota 10/10 de la majoritatea revistelor de profil, inclusiv de la Prog Magazine UK .

Mick Moss & CO revin in Romania dupa prezenta la festivalul Metalhead Meeting 2015 unde au cantat alaturi de nume precum Amorphis, Turisas, Satyricon, Bloodbath sau The Sirens.

Metalhead: Hello and thank you for dedicating a little of your time to answer a few questions for our readers! What is that ONE thing that inspires and drives your creativity?

Mick Moss: I guess the fact that we're potentially only here once, and I feel that I must do something worthwhile with my time. Also the fact that I'm compulsively creative, I always have been. And that being creative detracts my attention from the whirlwind of emotions and confusing thoughts that cloud my being. Ooops sorry, that was three things and you only asked for one.

Metalhead: Do you think of your music as having therapeutic powers for those who listen to it?

Mick Moss: It has therapeutic powers for me as I write and record it, so its no stretch of the imagination that it should go on and do the same for the listener, or a certain percentage of listeners. I do get a steady stream of private messages from people who want to tell me that they have connected with the lyrics, they relate, they feel understood, they understand. Some people tell me that the music has saved their lives, that's something that I hear from time to time after gigs, and I can see the conviction in their faces. That's a very powerful thing to be told.

Metalhead: Looking back at all the concerts you have played and all the music you have made, are there any regrets?

Mick Moss: For sure. My main regrets are about wasted time, but I think that's more indicative of my age, as I know that I will never have those years back. The Antimatter live electric band has been active now for three years, only three years, yet Antimatter's debut album was released 16 years ago. In the meantime we toured, or I toured alone, playing stripped acoustic gigs. Sometimes I didn't tour at all. I just wish I had instigated a live lineup back at the start, as things would have been a lot different now. But hey, you live you learn! Things are moving forward at a good pace in the present, I cant complain. I'm alive and I'm healthy.

Metalhead: Last year, when you released "Judas Table", you said about it that it was for "anybody who has ever suffered from betrayal" and that you were singing about your personal experiences. Is it liberating for you to write about this kind of experiences? Do you think it charges your music with special feelings?

Mick Moss: It was liberating, yeah. It has freed me from my chains. The whole exercise behind 'The Judas Table' was to lay out before me the processes that people have gone through in order to treat me like a piece of s**t. Whereas in the past I generally accepted that I deserved such treatment (though I never knew why as I always try my best to treat everybody with respect and I am a very loving person), as I grew older I began to realise that I actually didn't deserve those experiences at all. That realisation was a kind of vindication, and was very emotionally cleansing. I am now aware that many people simply don't have any empathy and are sickeningly selfish, and leave a trail of broken hearts behind them. Hearts that didn't deserve it, and possibly blame themselves. If I can help to mend some of those hearts and also expose the narcissists in the process then the world is a better place.

Metalhead: In comparison with "Leaving Eden" and "Fear of a Unique Identity" do you think "The Judas Table" is a little bit more peaceful?

Mick Moss: It has a higher percentage of acoustic songs, but I don't think its more peaceful, well certainly not lyrically more peaceful anyway.. 'Fear Of A Unique Identity' is a musically frantic album, that's for sure. 'the Judas Table; is actually quite restless, lyrically, they all are. I don't think I can actually apply the word 'peaceful' to any of them.

Metalhead: Are you going to sing your beautiful "Welcome To The Machine" cover when you come over to Bucharest?

Mick Moss: Absolutely. That cover version went in the set about 18 months ago and has stayed there ever since, I have kind of made it my own, it's an irrevocable part of Antimatters discography now, like Hendrix took 'All Along The Watchtower' off Bob Dylan, or Soft Cell nicked 'Tainted Love'. These things happen from time to time. I'm overjoyed to have it in, I'm a Pink Floyd nut! It's great because it starts off and it's Antimatter through and through, its not until the vocals come in that the audience realise what song it is. Well, they probably all know now coz they've heard it so many times..

Metalhead: Since we are at this point, please tell us, why did you choose to make a cover out of this specific song, "Welcome To The Machine" (Pink Floyd)?

Mick Moss: Well, the fans took to 'Welcome To The Machine' the minute we played it. All the time at the merch stand after the show there's requests for 'Welcome To The Machine'.. ''where can I get it?'', ''what album is it on''. I grew tired of disappointing people I guess, haha. I recently got the ability to use my record label again after being tied in contract for four years, and I just knew that 'Welcome...' would be the first release, along with another single 'Too Late' which is also being released on the same date (23rd September). 'Too Late' is another fan favourite that I was inundated with requests for. It's good to have my record label, Music In Stone, back up and running. In March next year I will also be releasing the debut DVD 'Live Between The Earth & Clouds', which is something I'm really looking forward to.

Metalhead: Many artists consider that music should adapt to the new technology and others think that online streaming is killing artists. Which side are you on?

Mick Moss: Online streaming negates the need for the casual consumer to buy CDs, so right there lies the problem. A large percentage of music consumers have simply dropped out of paying, leaving the consumers who crave physical product, premium product, vinyl, etc. So there will always be music customers, just not as many. But I've been saying this for years whenever I'm asked this question ... you cant download standing in a gig. You cant open Spotify and stream the visceral excitement of watching a band enter the stage and hit the first song out. You just cant. The music scene will live on.

Metalhead: Do you have any message for your Romanian fans who can hardly wait to see your show at Hard Rock Cafe?

Mick Moss: We can hardly wait to see you, too!

Metalhead: Thank you once again for your time! We are looking forward to see your show at Hard Rock Cafe!

Mick Moss: Thank you !!!!

Antimatter vor concerta pe data de 22 septembrie in Bucuresti, la Hard Rock Cafe. Biletele pentru acest concert se gasesc in format electronic pe www.iabilet.ro, in reteaua fizica iabilet.ro (www.iabilet.ro/retea - Magazinul Muzica, Cafe Deko, Club Vintage, Club Quantic, Agentiile Perfect Tour, stand-ul de bilete de la Metrou Unirii 1 (langa casa de bilelete Metrorex), Magazinele Uman de la Romana si din Baneasa Shopping City, IQ BOX, reteaua de magazine Say Shops – partener Orange, pe terminalele self-service ZebraPay din toata tara), dar si la Hard Rock Cafe precum si in ziua concertului la intrare in limita locurilor disponibile.

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