Versuri Antiproduct - A Backlash Is Here

Album: Antiproduct - The Deafening Silence Of Grinding Gears

"The industrial-technological system may survive or it may break down. If it survives, it may eventually achieve a low level of physical
and psychological suffering, but only after passing at the cost of permanently reducing human beings and many other living organisms to
engineered products and mere cogs in the social machine. Furthermore, if the system survives, the consequences will be inevitable: there
is no way of reforming of modifying the system as to prevent it from depriving people of dignity and autonomy. If the system breaks down
the consequences will still be very painful. But the bigger the system grows, the more disastrous the results of it's breakdown will be,
so if it is to break down it had best break sooner rather than later" (Unabomber Manifesto)

For five hundred years they've shown all the know is murder. SO murder is what they'll get. A backlash against five hundred years of
suffering that they want us all to forget. The genocide of native peoples and the others that have been enslaved. The suffering caused by
progress will be dealt back in spades. The techno-industrial fortress is crumbling under it's own weight. As the pendulum swings we
witness a backlash. As the bastard child of progress attempts liberation through patricide liberation through severing the noose that
capitalism has tied. For every freedom fighter imprisoned and killed for standing up for what is right. For those who've been persecuted
for simply trying to survive. For all of the stolen futures and the cultures that have been erased. The tyrants will be slaughtered by the
monster that they create. The monster that the racist, money-grubbing, imperial war machine has created is in the hearts and minds of the
masses and it is evergrowing. If those who impose, maintain, and uphold the current social hierarchy continue down their path of
dehumanization, oppression and exploitation; this monster, born of the overwhelming anger and frustration felt by those oppressed will
manifest itself in the form of a violent backlash against the oppressors. This is not the dream that we strive for. It is the reality that
they have created.

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