Versuri Antiproduct - And Still We Suckle

Album: Antiproduct - The Deafening Silence Of Grinding Gears

We are now so far from a natural state that there may not ever be a reversal. We have severed every tie with our natural families. We've
replaced reverence for the Earth with faith in technology. Our existence is so plastic and synthetic, it makes us weak. We are too
dependent on institutions. We're crippled by our own machines. We're only truly free if we free ourselves. Dependence dooms us to a life
in a cell. The seed has been planted and the time for harvest draws near. Our spark is extinguished by obsession and fear. The seed is
planted deep and the time for harvest is near. The seed has been planted, the time for harvest is here... Humanity has disowned it's
mother. It's a shame what we're become. An ungrateful, rapist, bastard child racing toward an early grave. We have severed every tie with
that which sets us free and still we suckle the breast of our enemy. We're born into a prison (a miserable machine) and we are taught that
it's perfectly natural to submit to slavery.