Versuri Antiproduct - Corporate Tyrannicide

Album: Antiproduct - The Deafening Silence Of Grinding Gears

Ecocide is matricide is suicide. Tyrannicide. In defense of nature and life. Environmental degradation leads to cultural disintegration.
With every dollar offered up family ties and trees are cut. The Ecuadorian rainforest is a casualty of Texaco's oil extraction. The native
people were poisoned. The ecosystem destroyed. And your money may have funded this action. Fragile bodies and hunger pain. Humanity's
essence dissipates. Imbalance leads to squalor and distress. People work in fertile fields and still starve to death. Indigenous people
grow food for export when they can't even feed themselves. To survive under capitalism, whatever they grow, they must sell. Corporate
tyrannicide. For the sake of the Earth and for all of humankind. For every single person who has been forced from their home. For every
acre of trees clear cut by these scum. If all they know is destruction we'll show them we can play their game. Countless blood and oil is
spilled as native communities have fallen ill. Resistance is silenced with nooses and guns against Shell's destruction of Ogoniland. On
November 10th of 1995, he was executed along with the Ogoni Nine. The forests are being colonized. We are witnessing collapse right before
our eyes. Eminent doom is plain to see. It comes with the erasure of biodiversity. Mitsubishi corporation prospers from deforestation. To
them our future isn't worth a s**t. Native species mean nothing and trees only profits. Shell Oil, Unocal, Mitsubishi, Texaco, McDonalds,
Dupont, Dow, Union Carbide: they are digging a mass grave for humankind. The perpetuate ecocide. The perpetuate matricide. We must deal
with these tyrants every way that we can. Demonstrate, sabotage, boycott, take a stand. Make it known that life means more than dollars
and cents. Eco-defense is self-defense.

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