Versuri Antiproduct - Of Enemies In Mirrors

Album: Antiproduct - The Deafening Silence Of Grinding Gears

Sometimes when I look in the mirror I see the face of my enemy. I hate that I've been conditioned. I'm bitter that they've gotten to me.
But by accepting my role I remain part of the machinery. Bby accepting my birthright as colonizer and rapist I'm a traitor to that which
sets me free. We must recognize and realize that we each play a role in the cycles of oppression. Personal revolution is the key to
freeing ourselves from ourselves. Rejecting our conditioning means freedom once it's been undone. When accusing those who've colonized
don't be afraid to look inside. Live your life as a thorn in their side. My conscious and subconscious are at each other's throats.
Sometimes the thoughts that cross my mind go against everything I know is right. Every glance over my shoulder at those who I'm
conditioned to perceive as threats. Every gaze at my sisters as little more than objects. We must recognize and realize that we each have
the power to break the cycles of oppression. Denial and complacency serve only to grease the machinery. But as we the gears remove
ourselves we take the steps that will set us free...