Versuri Antiproduct - Stillborn (With Hardware)

Album: Antiproduct - The Deafening Silence Of Grinding Gears

We're mere appendages of machines. Synthetic. Dependent. We're only half human beings. Abort the cyborg living under the skin. Sever the
wires that feed self-destruction. Sever the wires that cause self-destruction. Remove yourself from the machinery. Remove the machinery
from yourself. An industrial monolith blocks out light. Circuits and engines rob us of life. We've all but exchanged blood vessels for
wires.As our bodies grow colder we extinguish our fires. The offspring of the union of progress and nature (the product of rape).
Humanity, manufactured and forced into a thief's reality. We've all been conditioned and we've all been numbed. With the hardware
installed, the damage is done. Shall our lives be wasted simply greasing gears? Or shall we live as thorns in the side of that which feeds
out fears? Will you embrace this menace or will you live to tear it apart? Hope is a seed that lives in your heart.

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