ANVIL Chords & Tabs

Tara: Canada Trupe similare : Iron Maiden Judas Priest Helloween Stil: heavy metal Componenta: Steve Kudlow - voce/chitara Robb Reiner - tobe Glenn Five - bas/voce Discografie: Hard 'N' Heavy (1981) Metal On Metal (1982) Forged In Fire (1983) Strength Of Steel (1987) Pound For Pound (1988) Past And Present (1989) Worth The Weight (1992) Plugged In Permanent (1996) Absolutely No Alternative (1997) Speed Of Sound (1999) Plenty Of Power (2001) Still Going Strong (2002) Back To Basics (2004) This Is Thirteen (2007) ANVIL......Biografie ANVIL

Jackhammer Tab

In Hell Tab

Metal On Metal Solo Tab

Flying Blind Tab

Winged Assasins Tab

March Of The Crabs Tab

Tag Team Tab

Metal On Metal ver3 Tab

School Love Tab

Race Against Time Tab

Metal On Metal Tab

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