Versuri ANVIL - Cut Loose

Album: ANVIL - Strength Of Steel

[Lips, Reiner, Allison, Dickson]

The word is out
That rock is in
And everyone is banging heads again
You and your mates
You want it all
You take your place at the front of the concert hall
The house lights dim
The stage is set
You're gonna take all that you can get
All you can get


Let's go crazy
Let's go insane
Me and the boys are rockin' out again
Cut loose
Everybody cut loose
Cut loose
Everybody cut loose

Turn it up
Start to grind
It's got the power to blow your mind
Raise a fist
Cuts through the air
Scream and yell, show me that you care
Show me you care


Come feel the heat
And energy
Electric force sets your spirit free
Let it out
No holding back
Cutting loose, there's no turning back
No turning back


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