Versuri ANVIL - Thumb Hang

Album: ANVIL - This Is Thirteen

[2009 re-release bonus track]

Thumbs will twist, can you resist?
Beware the names on the inquisitor's list

Trial by fire, the holy desire
Religion and rule can be so cruel

All in the name of the cross

Word of the Pope, the loss of all hope
Maniplulation is here, governed by fear


Mounted on horses, inquisitors ride
At the end of their spears the heathens died
Forced to confess they prayed as the lied
Prayed as they lied

Tortured and prisoned and sentenced to die
When it's the Church you weren't meant, meant to defy

[?], state of control
Money to steal, government's deal
Tortured and shamed, who could be blamed?
Using the cross, the lives that were lost

All in the name of God

Thumbhang [x5]