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Chapter I: Of Smoke and Ash The band started out under the name "Smoke and Ash" in October 2008 at the initiative of Mihai Dinca (guitar) along with Iona Ambrosi (guitar), Ioana Pohontu (vocals), Mihnea (drums) and Lara (bass guitar).Back then, the genre they approached was Doom/Death. Guitarist Adrian Constantin joined the band in November, the same year. Chapter II: What has been made must also be Unmade In March 2009, the three girls left the band, Adi started doing the second guitar and Cristian Stegeran joined in for the vocals. In April 2009, Radu Udroiu took the bassist''s vacant place and the band continued on the same musical style, but under the name "Unmade". Chapter III: And all shall flow with the Water and the Spirits within Due to some complications, the drummer had to leave the band and Mihai took his place temporarily with Dragos Horodnic doing the other guitar until Mihai "Misu" Petrosel became the new drummer in October 2009 and Mihai retook his......Toata biografia Apa Simbetii

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  • Cinci trupe romanesti, comunica in dulcele stil propriu, noua sala de repetitii

    Am primit la redactie un comunicat de presa din partea a 5 trupe romanesti care s-au mutat intr-o noua sala de repetitii :) Vorbim de cinci trupe serioase care tin steagul undeground-ului sus: Recycle Bin, Apa Simbetii, Killer Victim, Drop Out Of Life si Negative CORE Project. Impinsi de la spate de dorinta de a...

  • Asculta doua piese noi Apa Simbetii

    What The Moon Brings si Primitive Future, doua piese noi semnate de grupul bucurestean Apa Simbetii, pot fi ascultate mai jos. Ambele piese sunt extrase de pe viitorul disc de debut, Nihil Sapient.      

  • Concert L.O.S.T., KREPUSKUL, MALPRAXIS si APA SIMBETII in Ageless Club

    Metal Support & Blaster Promotion va invita joi, 24 mai, in Club Ageless din Bucuresti la un concert cu: L.O.S.T. Krepuskul Malpraxis Apa Simbetii Pretul unui bilet este de 15 lei, iar concertul incepe dupa ora 19:00. L.O.S.T. Formatia L.O.S.T a luat fiinta in martie 2004, dupa una...

  • Concert BACKLASH si APA SIMBETII in Damage Rock Club

    Vineri, 16 martie 2012, de la 22:30 va asteptam in Damage Rock Club pentru un concert extraordinar al trupelor: Backlash Apa Simbetii Rezervari la tel 0765328818 si 0735118598 Damage Rock Club - Calea Victoriei 18-20, Pasajul Vilacrosse.

  • Concert THE STONE si INFEST vineri in Club Fabrica

    Astazi, 24 februarie, trupele The Stone si Infest se vor opri in club Fabrica din Capitala. Concertul face parte din mini-turneul " The Specters Marching Over Romania ", iar in deschidere vor canta: Apa Simbetii Spinecrusher Pentru concertul de la Bucuresti, din clubul Fabrica , primele 50...

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