Versuri Apa Simbetii - Lyrics

Chapter I: Of Smoke and Ash The band started out under the name "Smoke and Ash" in October 2008 at the initiative of Mihai Dinca (guitar) along with Iona Ambrosi (guitar), Ioana Pohontu (vocals), Mihnea (drums) and Lara (bass guitar).Back then, the genre they approached was Doom/Death. Guitarist Adrian Constantin joined the band in November, the same year. Chapter II: What has been made must also be Unmade In March 2009, the three girls left the band, Adi started doing the second guitar and Cristian Stegeran joined in for the......Biografie Apa Simbetii
Apa Simbetii - Oratio Diabolis Versuri
Apa Simbetii - Nihil Sapient Versuri
Apa Simbetii - Primitive Future Versuri
Apa Simbetii - What the Moon Brings Versuri
Apa Simbetii - Opium Versuri
Apa Simbetii - Tesseract Versuri
Apa Simbetii - The Dream Of The Mad Arab Versuri
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