Versuri Apa Simbetii - Opium

Album: Apa Simbetii - Nihil Sapient

Opium, kind and subtle opium! 

Thou, who chaseth away 
All the sorrows of this world! 
Thou who drowneth all pain 
Of wounds unseen, of hidden loss... 

Opium, beloved indulgence 
Heal my soul with poison 

Breath this nauseous vapour 
Separate mind from body 

Papaver somniferum, 
Precious gift of Morpheus 
Joy plant of blissful woe 
Nepenthes Pharmakon 

Every night I enter 
The chasms and shadowed abysses 
Narcotic depths from which 
I have no hope to reascend 

I have kissed her lips 
I met her tempting eyes 
Her lust now taints my heart 
Sweet, deadly Lady Vice 

Morpheus, Nighted God of Dreams, 
Has enthralled me 
In his realm of dark visage 

I am but a slave 
To the exquisite pleasures 
Of the poppy 

Sweet sedation, 
Blissful narcosis, 
I hath known things unthinkable, 
Dreamt things undreamable, 
Endured pain unendurable 

Every day doth I shun the sun 
For my eyes 
Have grown accustomed to the dark 
They have learned to stay 
Forever shut 

Every day doth I seek the drug 
Which alone 
Makes my life endurable 
The balm that one day 
Will also surely end it 

Praise to thee, oh, merciful opium!