Versuri Apa Simbetii - Primitive Future

Album: Apa Simbetii - Nihil Sapient

Matricidal collective subconscious 
Ignorant masses of human cattle 
Poison the Earth, devour resources 
Unknowingly bent on SELF DESTRUCTION! 

Enigines of Chaos spread pollution 
Unnatural course, altered evolution 
Humnaity kneels, no salvation 
From chemical doom, from DEVASTATION! 

Return, go back in time! 
To realise nothing has changed 
Since prehistoric times 

So NOW, we speak of civilization 
With nothing learned 
We commit planetary abortion 
Enjoy your freedom 
NOW, unleashed, the horrors wrought of man 
Fulfill extinction NOW! 

This world is dying 
And we are the killers 
No lesson, no gained wisdom 
History rewinds after the bombs

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