Versuri Apa Simbetii - What the Moon Brings

Album: Apa Simbetii - Nihil Sapient

We see through my eyes, 
We hear through my ears 

Deprived of thought, refuse contemplation, vacant 
Staring blankly into the void within 
Abyssal vision, multiple senses dormant 
Now activated, lead to nothing 

Here, I am home 
Alone in the moonlight 
So come, beautiful demon! 
And bring the pleasures of night 
To realise 
I am It and It is I 

Vanished, departed 
Not of this earth, no more... 
Nothing left to torture... 
Negation of substance, impermanent existence 
Invisible to outside observers 

I am the opposite! 
Of ever being, 

I am separate 
From the planes 
Of tangible reality 
Your Existence is done 
Your Existence is none 

"To know one's greatest desire 
Brings not joy, but bitter ruin 
One year after the happening 
Of tragedy obscure, still fire... 
Still fire..." 

To someone much adored