Versuri ApocaliptiC - Fire And Ice

Album: ApocaliptiC - The Prophecy

In the sky there's a sign, bringer of death.
And the world as we know it will come to an end.
When a star deep impact with earth will make
So nothing can stand in its way.

Mountains will swallow the forests
And oceans of fire will be.
The poisonous air souls will reap;
On earth there will be fire and ice.

Waves of death washing lands of blood and sins,
Heavy clouds of dust and ashes kill the light,
And on earth the sun will shine no more,
Eternal ice, freezing life, will dominate the world.

Birds break their wings against the sky
And mankind has lost all the faith.
The circle of life's going to go on,
Creation through fire and ice.

                                    Song & Lirycs by Kirk

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