Versuri ApocaliptiC - War

Album: ApocaliptiC - The Prophecy

Your life doesn't matter anymore,
You're a warrior fighting in this world
With a raging hunger for revenge
Hell is coming

The gods gave you only pain and death
Kill or die is all that's left
Raise your sword to the sky
Fight for life

We've buried friends and foe alike
I've seen their blood on the ground
I've seen unjustice for my kind
Let's rise together

Today is the judgement day
Join your blades and strike as one
From the four winds we will come
Hear our cry 

The earth is trembling and the sky turns red
A battle cry rips through the silence
And sounds of blades piercing the flesh
Voice of pain

Blood and darkness are covering the land
Creatures of the night kill our brothers
We fight bravely, victory is near
No surrender

                                   Song & Lirycs by Kirk

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