Versuri ARALLU - Arallu's Rage

Album: ARALLU - Satanic War In Jerusalem

Now is coming, now is here
Come, come, come the war of all

Mesopotamia empire
Is keeping the magic
Jerusalem 666 the ghost land.

Soldiers of satan
Soldiers of war.
Soldiers from hell,
Arallu destroys the earth.

The gates of Jerusalem open for
The demons
The battle begins from the heart
Of the land
And touching the big world.

All religions, all states,
All countries, all nations
Arallu is coming,
Now drink the blood
It's a taste
Of wine.

All the globe will fill
The angry hand of satan
From the desert to the ice
From the rain through the fog,
From the ground to the sky.

Arallu will punish the human race
For betrayed the Genii king
The human race betrayed the Genii
King. god is upon you !

The death started in Jerusalem,
And will finish with you
Your time will come !

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