Versuri ARALLU - Religions Are Dead

Album: ARALLU - Satanic War In Jerusalem

Yes I see the fire
They're burning, ignorants
And I'm getting stronger
As the corpses are on the
Barbed-wire fence.

From there comes the blood.

This is the only solution
The jewish rabbi must die !!!
God worshipers are
Satan's sword is glowing
With lightening on the sky.

"The dome of the rock !!!"
(Moutin house)

What do we ask ?
We want our place !
Everywhere - the walls of hell

The black sacks
Cover burnt bodies
in the flames - is lucifer
Drunk from the traitor's blood.

your god is my devil !
Your devil is my god !
We are on the ground
As my Genii is the pride.

Fill the contact, I'm in the
Black world
The Butchered takes the war with
The demons
"The dome of the rock" burns
And satan kills alone.

Jerusalem wars, satan's lead !