Versuri Arcane Grail - Bewitched Wolves

Album: Arcane Grail - Mysteries Of The Ancient Charnel

[Verses by Demether; music by Eugen]

The peccant beasts with eyes of fire rise
They couldnt stay in holes at late cold night
The call of freedom screams in brave wargs hearts
These beasts were born to live and die in fight

Wargs few in number but theyre passing strong
Soon they would know what ever they did wrong
Great lord of damned would lead the pack of wolves
To fight in battle under weight of ghouls

The pack of wargs sneaks through the arcane wood
They dont know what waits them at the end
Their gaze fall to the misty bit of land
Obscurity beckons the wolves into the magic rood

The lead took the pack through the thicket,
Ominous calm rounds bloodthirsty creatures
Erenow they were the servants of the evil,
But now wolves alarmed by smell of demons

Somber willows bowed its blooming sprays,
The growth doesnt put the charming rays
Of nephrite plenilune, who spells in the skies
Primeval fear penetrates through their hearts

Wargs ran across this magic place of ghouls
The blackthorns shield the entrance with its horned
Limbs, which began to prick the frenzied wolves
Bloodcurdling howl proclaims the wood of throned

The King arose by the arrival of the foes
From this enchanted-weird sod
Uncertainty why some wolves gan to fawn
Goth squeezed in the hand his succinite sword

But all at once the leader of the wargs
Was throwing to attack onto the frigging prince from vug
Wistful death awaited him upon the edge of blade
The rite of genuflexion commenced in dole slade

Wolves, I prithee to bring me said the king
Wed be thy eyes answered beasts in iniquitous
Oath, swore in loyalty and kissed the sparkle ring
This observance was so august, grand and tremendous

Germanarehs dominance!

Our dan, my pack shall howl with your voice,
And we shall paunch and lacerate thy moonlit foes!

Their new despiteful potentate was the great villain
He wants to march with the wargs into war
But the bridle presseth the wolves so sore
Their souls embittered, bewitched for evermore!

For evermore!

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