Versuri Arcane Grail - Cemetery Of The Lost Souls

Album: Arcane Grail - Mysteries Of The Ancient Charnel

[Verses by Demether; music by Eugen]

Moonlight trickleth through the clouds and the space converts to steam
Left behind the rays of passion approach the nightmare of dead mans dream
Far away nobody lives, and all enshrouded in darkness
Ghost-fiends gnawing human bones, they are cruelty and madness!

It was their first mistake, it was their last mistake
Theyve built the cemetery pon damned and holy place
Against the azure sky and neath the paly moon
For triumphal entrance forth from the mother womb

Theres no time and theres no freedom ye cant hide in Plutos kingdom
Dread and icy cold penetrateth through the evil eyes of sinner
He knows all about anguish only he has rights of winner
Hence the cemeterys erected round the village start devildom

Welcome to asylum of the lost souls to the graveyard of the wild pain
Those wholl risk their lives at late night will be captives in the chill-steel rain
Only there immortal soldiers lie in endless languish boredom
Cause their souls have doomed for penance they must stay in racking thraldom

Ghosts are breathing oer the graveyard fog spreads bove the sleeping hollow
Screams of spirits melt in silence which could be the sole haven
Now the graveyards full of demons theyre inspiring fear and horror,
Feeding by the pure mays juice, nourishing with preux knights gore


Therere only fearful woods around where birds of prey sing praise to death
Olden mountains guide the feebles to the meeting with their last breath
Beasts, which look like Hadean monsters waiting for the cruel murthers
Theyre just faithful sons of evil trying to be devils soldiers

Thats His domain, reign of dusk, blood and death with loud wargs bark
People cant revolt and fight, cause their souls are by His side

(There are wisdom and dolours of ages sojourn in the oblivion).

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