Versuri Arcane Grail - Imprisoned In The Greatest War

Album: Arcane Grail - Arya Marga

I'll rear your flesh!

I'm prisoner of my own thoughts
The holy flesh' production
The blood of my own is your truth
But my rage of destruction

Mankind had crossed the line
Where I could not smell their stench
Victimized roles of this play
Nothing more they may to gain

Yeah, I'll rear their flesh
Yeah, I'll slay them all
Damned, they shall be slashed
Welt, we'll clean their souls

Ancient army awakes
Weapons of war in their hands
Muzzle of Death looks for you
Leading from birth to the end

Run! Run away!
Through the forest of dead and insane
To the place where Lethe flows
To the place where your fear grows!

Don't wait for your fate
Rule sway by thyself and comprehend
We must direct the way of stars
We're all can be not worse than the Gods!

Raise thy spirits, bravest men!
Ascend the dome of heathen realm!

Mother freedom calls our souls for
Victory in Greatest War
Glorify the New World Order!



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