Versuri Arcane Grail - Tragic Love

Album: Arcane Grail - Mysteries Of The Ancient Charnel

[Lyrics by Demether; music by Eugen & Anastasia]

King walketh through the night wood far away from damned ghost home
To the bottom of the high hills to the meeting with the dark Lord
Silent night for the romantic but ghouls soul is hardest gravestone
Full of hate to all the people soul hath folded in the rage cold

Its twelve oclock and no one soul strolleth through this baleful place
But suddenly king heard the noise and saw the shadow on the glade
It hath moved forward to the well and ghost began to follow shade
And hand of (phantasmal) king have gleamed by fearful blade

But shadow turned and spirit saw the beauteous girl like morning dawn
The sword fell out of phantoms hand and albeit king was Mantuss son
He couldnt even find the words to show his feelings to this girl
And ghost forgave bout sacred duty - shed glanced at him like ancient beauty

...Fluty tune of our tragic love!

Oh, Isabelle, my ladybird supernal loveliness Thou wert!

(Glacial) Venus shineth for the goddess - shes a queen, and shes the sole
She can make the ghouls heart tremble only she makes time go slowly
Nights are full of dreams and passion Goth will always be Her true guard
Spirit gives to Her the black rose which grows on the hell-bound graveyard

Isabelles mother is f*****g b***h!

She knew all of their meetings so she told to priest about it
Infirm hag whod ruled her daughter, girl had died and it was her fault
Slave of church the inquisitor (his name was Morphiy) in one morning hath decided
Witch and this lass is the one face and Her mind hath veiled the grave cold

Whereupon, after the last vesper bell Morphiy with ecclesial guard ambuscaded in the elder timbered bastide of Isabelles mother. Nearly the morning-tide gladsome Isabelle got back home suspecting nothing. No explaining, the guards roughly seized Her and marched to frowzy rat-swarmed prison. She was endungeoning there only two moons and wondering about the causa of the arrest.

[In court:]
[The Venerable Inquisitor with bias:] Tell me, what thou art in sooth
[Isabelle drowned in tears:] I am the sinless girl and I believe in God
[The Inquisitor with mockery:] The holy court trows that ye clean too
[Isabelle with illusory foreboding of escape:] O aye, my soul filled with love in all
[The Holy Court:] Nay, thy love is blasphemy and it would fall


Thine immortal soul to the sulphurous hell
Mephitic blaze of Gehenna awaiteth thee!
Sacred court of tellurian clergy couldnt help
For salvation of the relentless deaths wings

[Isabelle:] My lief, I wouldnt forsake thee!

The Inquisitor with taunt: Do pray, my daughter!
The sacred ordeal would purify thee from sacrilegious designs
Redeem thy sins, embrace thy death and yell ensky
Thoult vivify at throne of God, Elysium is nigh!

Elysium is nigh!

[Concluding speech of the judge:]
I conjure thee by bitter tears shed by Our God and Saviour Jesus Christ upon the cross for the worlds salvation and by scalding tears shed by the Virgin, Mother of God upon His wounds in the eve, by tears shed by the saints and those chosen by God, whose eyes dont weep anymore by His will, prove thy innocence by shedding tears, but an thou is guilty, tis beyond thy powers. In the Name of Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Amen

[Isabelles fainted away]

[The cries of maddened Isabelle on the way to the sacrificial stake:]
I am the witch!
Rape me, burn me, slay!!!

Shes gone to the block (Her Calvary) but not like a hero
Her wit aspireth to betrothed, ere faggot she is shriven
At the time Germanareh slumbered in this own crypt
But laments of Isabelle aroused him from his abysmal sleep

He sleeps in his abysmal crypt!

He rose from the veil of woe and hasteneth to beloved
Meanwhile the dale was deafened by a shriek of virtuous sacrifice
(it had rebellowed in Goths heart)
The King saw only dancing in flames Her jacinth hair and
The smouldering torso of the most beautiful girl all over the world...

...All over the world!!!

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