Versuri Arch Enemy - 03. Heart of Darkness

Album: Arch Enemy - Wages of Sin

[Music: Michael Amott/Christopher Amott]
[Lyrics: Michael Amott]

You can't kill me. I am living inside you.
I am a part of your existence
Twisted thoughts in a twisted mind
Provoking you

Black is my heart - dark is my soul
My hatred I can not control
Evil seed growing stronger
Your freewill... Dying!

Inside you - heart of darkness
A part of you - heart of darkness

To deny me, is to deny yourself.
The illusion is dissolved
You are no longer in control
The facade crumbles - the transition is complete

...The transition is complete

I come to you in the night
I am your dark subconscience
I keep you awake, knowing
I am the heart of darkness

[1st Lead - Michael]
[2nd Lead - Christopher]

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