Versuri Arch Enemy - 04. Ravenous [*]

Album: Arch Enemy - Wages of Sin

[Music: Michael Amott/Christopher Amott]
[Lyrics: Angela Gossow/Michael Amott]

I am hunting for your soul
It dwells within your heart
I lacerate the pounding flesh
Your spirits shall be mine

[Harmony - Michael and Christopher]

So rise my spirit rise!
Revel in this dead mans' body
Grip his soul, sip the blood
Life is death
A holy carnage

[Lead - Christopher]

I will be your god
Carnivorous Jesus
I need your flesh

Ritual slaughter
Fill up the chalice
With the essence of your life
Liquid strengths
Trapped in your veins
I crave your blood
You must die!

[1st Lead - Michael]
[2nd Lead - Christopher]

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