Versuri Arch Enemy - In This Shallow Grave

Album: Arch Enemy - Rise Of The Tyrant

[Lyrics: Michael Amott, Music: Michael Amott / Christopher Amott / Daniel Erlandsson]

Who is your god a is he not mine?
Who is your devil a are we the same?
What makes you worse
What makes me better

Never to trust again a how long have I got?

In this darkened maze
They keep me away a they scream at night
Screams at night

Who is your master
In this shallow grave?

Born to die for a lie
I have no soul a I have no pride

Where is justice in this hell?
Where is liberty a I paid the price
My life blood runs dry
Slowly drained from me

[Lead a Christopher]
[Harmony a Michael & Christopher]
[Lead a Christopher]
[Lead a Michael]

Screams at night
aAlone is this shallow grave I diea

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