Versuri Arch Enemy - Revolution Begins

Album: Arch Enemy - Rise Of The Tyrant

[Lyrics: Michael Amott, Music: Michael Amott / Christopher Amott]

Since the day that you were born the wheels are in motion
Turning even faster a play your part in the big machine
The stage is set, the road is chosen
Your fate preordained
We are watching you a every step of the way

Never too late to stand your ground a revolution begins
In you a in me a Revolution!

Once lost a lost in their game
Mental chains breaking now
Set yourself free
Who are they to tell you what to do?
The stage is not set, the road is not chosen
You fate not preordained
They are losing control a every step of the way

[Lead a Michael]
[Harmony a Michael & Christopher]

This is revolution!

[Outro lead a Christopher]

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