Versuri Arch Enemy - The Great Darkness

Album: Arch Enemy - Rise Of The Tyrant

[Lyrics: Angela Gossow, Music: Michael Amott]

A greater darkness, my mindas possessed
Disillusioned, numb emptiness
(No hope) I feel a paralyzing fear
(No salvation) faking control
Their coldness hurt me beyond belief


Will I burn?
Will I be free?
The great darkness consumed my soul


Blind my eyes, I hate the light
Despair, frustration, regret
Fighting a fighting for what?
Lies, your lies a I feel dead inside
My pain is all I leave behind

A shadow a the only light I followed
Transparent I am a like a ghost

[Lead a Michael]

A far cry from whom I wanted to be
I never found my place, my place nor peace

[Lead a Christopher]

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