Versuri Archons - Beyond Anger

Album: Archons - The Consequences Of Silence

The only rule in this world
Is that we have to die
With enough naivety
We could enjoy the present

No, I'm not one of those
Who can live without any answers
Show me the end
Tell me what is our purpose
Are we stuck in this forever
I need to know

Cause what I feel is beyond anger
How could I possibly forgive the maker
Century of pain
Who put this blood into my veins

Useless puppets
Incomplete being
We are!
Corrupted angels
Useless puppets

We are living and dying
All playing the game
Of some entities' gambling
Evolving for nothing
The result will be the same
Constantly losing
Salvation of the human nation
Will be nothing more than a deception

Heaven, or hell...
...All the same
Everything that we put aside
To handle our lives
Complete abstraction
Until the end!

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