Versuri Archons - Plague Of Corruption

Album: Archons - The Consequences Of Silence

Controlling the mass
Writing our fate with their sins
Society as a whole
Worthless being
This is the consequence of silence
Sealing our desecration
The more it goes, the more they control
Let's terminate this process
We must unite together and kill the wave
Omnipresent oppression that keeps us low
Beneath the surface, plague of corruption

Submission obedience is no solution
They've already done too mush to get away with this
Don't we deserve any better
Time fir the truth has arrived
Naivety has come to an end
We're on the verge of rebellion

Voluntary omission
Of what we should know
Make them feel superior
Aborted evolution
Of humanity
Only one solution
Today we'll stop the plague
The plague of corruption

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