Versuri Archontes - My Noteless Blues

Album: Archontes - Book One: The Child Of Two Worlds

Yesterday it was so clear
Usual routine of life
In vino veritas
Who's gonna loose?
Blood counts the time
Of my noteless blues

Tomorrow it has to be different
It's obvious but so sudden...
Head's getting heavy
It's good news
Heart beats the rhythm
Of my noteless blues

Marionette is who I am
Driven by hand as if I'm blind
Predestination is term of real question
They've set figures and chosen the side for me

"Oh chosen one come with me,
And you fulfil your destiny"
But I'm scared 'cause I can't see
Blindfolded like sheep before the slaughter

Dreams of the past are now coming true
They are so close touch them by hand
I don't know anything about this battle
Who is my enemy who's friend

"Chosen one come with me"
It smells like a trap
They promised to set me free
But can i trust them
The stakes are too high

It is so close and real – my land of the free
I believe my heart will be there
The doors are closed
My purpose is the key
Can I go back – I don't care
Walking though dreams
Where the freedom lives
How I wished to be there
But now I'm afraid to be wrong
Who am I in this game
A Queen or a pawn?